A Week Off

The end of 2018 had a good amount of chaos which happened to coincide with other plans to enjoy my PTO. It almost feels surreal that the month of December 2018 came to a close and ever so peacefully. It also seems like a blessing that, naturally, I could put away the books, some work and the planning to just… relax. Here’s some highlights on what I did during my week off.

TV time:

AquaMan in theaters, there is not much to say here, I did not watch it in 3D or IMAX, but if you get the chance, you should do it. The effort that was put into the movie really showed through. Also, who doesn’t love a killer exposition?

Hi Score Girl, this Netflix original rom-con anime will give you so much nostalgia. The story starts off with Haruro, an elementary school boy who’s one skill is playing video games. The time is set in the late nineties when gamers frequented arcades. One day, after school Haruro loses to Ono, a rich girl from his class and their lives get entangled from then on. It’s interesting to see Haruro’s character weave in and out of gamer troupes to interact and grow with Ono, who is also a very unique character herself, not having spoken a single word during the first season.


Every winter I pick a game on a console and binge. I usually have an inkling on the game and platform ahead of time, but I was not prepared by any means this season. Because it was already on my PC I put a few days into ‘Don’t Starve’. An indie survival game. It had been a few years since I picked it up and I have got to say I really like how the game has grown. You are transported into a strange world and you have to explore it to stay alive. I also picked it up on the Nintendo Switch for $9.99 and found the handheld gameplay very natural. You may need to finagle with the buttons to get used to them, but I find myself switching between items and attacking a lot faster playing on the switch.

I also couldn’t own a switch without recommending some other Nintendo games so here goes:

Super Mario Odessy:

I was a little slow to start the game prior to seeing the in-game content. Shameless insert of my favorite screen captures of my game play so far:

Lovers in a dangerous spacetime: Cute and challenge coop game.

Ittle Dew 2: If you like Zelda and puzzle this is a great game.

Dragon Quest Builders: I actually just played a demo of this game. If you’re into minecraft or other world building games this one is very enjoyable.

These are just some things I have been enjoying. Share below, what games have you been playing?