Digital Photography

Whether you own a point-and-shoot or a more advanced DSLR camera, this course will give you a working knowledge of how to create successful digital images. The course will include lectures and demonstrations on core photography concepts (such as composition, exposure and posing), camera settings (manual versus automatic and selecting shutter speed and aperture settings) and basic digital image editing techniques in Adobe Photoshop (editing, retouching and saving for web).  A digital camera is required for this course. 



Digital Design

This course will include lectures and interactive demonstrations on programs Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. We will focus on core design concepts (such as color theory and grid design) as well as some advanced techniques for creating and manipulating such graphics and designs (such as the pen tool, layers, and typography). Expect to leave the class with a working knowledge on the digital design of beautiful graphics and images. All materials will be provided.





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