Fearless Failings

Today I sat in a stadium amongst fellow class of 2018 graduating engineers. We had speakers that spoke about fearless innovation and appreciation for those who helped us get to where we are today. Amongst ourselves, we shared where we would be moving on to, the places we would go, the institutions we would join.

Progress through failure was a theme that showed up throughout the day. We know that failure is tied to the successes we hope to achieve. You could fail and try one more time and have that one more try be the success you were looking for. Maybe you fail and never try again and never reach a goal that you set.

I used to get frustrated over what I wanted to do but who could not in my current state. It was a reoccurring theme in my life. As a small example, when I was an adolescent I wanted to see the world like my peers. Go places with my family, explore the world. At least get on a plane. And that happened, eventually, when I had the money, the opportunity but I was 20 the first time I got on a plane. To this day there are many more things I want to do but can not at the moment. 

Regardless of your state in life: wishing, idle, satisfied. Remember 1. what your goals are, because they tell you who you are. 2. have the clarity to plan (to a degree) because then 3. you can make the most out of the opportunity when it shows itself and 4. you will make progress this way and you will be more prepared than the last time you wished or tried or failed. 



 . . .

Today I graduated. Tomorrow I'll strive for more.

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