It all starts when you ask yourself "what do I want to create?" I started exploring graphic design when I was 10 and from there I've discovered creations that inspired me to pursue creating in various mediums such as painting and web programming, while these mediums are very dear to my heart, nothing brings me closer to my artistic visions than Photography.

Since discovering my passion for portraits, I have gone on to convincing friends and family for help on conceptual ideas, I have shot weddings, parties and now I am teaching digitally photography in a classroom setting!

Photography is not the end all be all of my goals, and as I discover more of myself as an artist and a person, I hope for more of my work to show exactly how much I admire the world and how much I find it beautiful. This is because I found that, really, this is the kind of art I want to create. 

Me in a nutshell:


I freelance photography services in the MD and D.C Metro areas


I am an undergrad Computer Engineer at UMD with interests in developing software systems


I teach courses on photography and digital graphic design


Energetic side-hustler for new experiences. Foodie with big heart and way too many web bookmarks...

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